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Our Services

Because at Elite Castings we specialise in moulded sand and die castings, our services extend to related areas to provide you with the complete solution for your casting need.

Video coming soonPlease view this video for a more indepth look at what we do, but our main services include:

  • Sand Moulding
    A resin coated sand is used to coat a pattern of a product, then the pattern is removed from the sand and the void is filled with molten metal. Once cool, the sand mould is broken up and the product is then dressed. The mould can only be used once.

  • Gravity Die Casting
    The pattern is a metal die made of steel or iron and the product is machined into the die and it is a good way of doing larger quantities as the mould will last forever. You poor the molten metal into the die once cool the die is hydraulically opened and the product removed the die is then cleaned ,closed, and poured again.

  • Pattern Making
    We can produce castings from a drawing or CAD data. The patterns for sand moulding are less expensive than diecasting tools, however the product is a little more costly if you want large quantities. A diecast tool might cost a little more up front, however in the long run works out a lot less expensive as the product costs less to make.

  • Machining
    We can also arrange your products to be machined from our reliable machinist.

  • Heat Treatment
    We also provide heat treatment to castings to make them stronger and easier to machine.

  • Polishing
    Many castings don't require polishing however for some it is a must have.

  • Shot Blasting
    We provide shot blasting services as well, for cleaning your castings in a tumbling barrel bombarded with steel shot or pellets.

  • Anodising and Alodining
    Anodising and Alodining are processes used to protect aluminium against corrosion. This can be organised on request.